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Our values

All the SOGEMA companies have tried, since their creation, to offer their employees the possibility of career development and professional fulfilment. Our growth has allowed us to identify the areas in which each individual could have the greatest level of involvement.

Whether in our original engineering fields or in our more recent innovative and commercial fields, we are seeking new colleagues who share the set of fundamental values which is common to all our companies.


To date we have never had a legal dispute regarding any of our contracts because from the start we have favoured values which seem fundamental to us:

  • a sense of organization
  • enthusiasm for the job and for health and safety issues
  • respect for individuals
  • equality of opportunity
  • always being ready to listen
  • the absence of prejudice or discrimination

We put the emphasis on qualities such as:

  • honesty
  • rigorousness
  • creativity
  • originality
  • respect for others
  • the will to make progress


In fact, our credo may be summarized as: a job well done, respect for others and a sense of compromise.

We try to make certain that no-one feels wronged or hindered in their personal development.